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the Gift of Nature

Unlike yellow apricot, natural dried apricot is naturally sun-dried apricot without any sulfured. Natural dried apricot strengthens the immune system and protects against flu and colds thanks to A, B3 that it contains. Vitamin B-3 -Niacin- is water-soluble. It plays a role in converting fat, protein, and carbohydrates into energy. It is an important vitamin for brain functions, maintaining healthy skin and digestive system. It is also good for anemia, helps with blood increasing, and relaxes nerves. 

dried apricots 

It is additionally important for bone health thanks to the calcium and magnesium it contains. It is a high fiber fruit. It protects the intestines, and it is good for constipation. Beta - carotene, which is in natural dried apricots, helps prevent lung cancer, heart diseases, and cataracts. Our company Baktar Tarım carries out the production, packaging, sales, and export of natural dried apricots in domestic and organic markets and export.